Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its been awhile....

So much has happened in the past two years since i have blogged.. Brandon got married.. We have had two new babies.. possibly even 3.. Brady has come home from his mission.. The twins are seniors this year.. and Bryce and Jaci have moved to Mesa.. Here is a little to catch up...:

Mom and Dad: We are still in Cotton City and Cliff still works for the mine in Morenci.. He is on 7 on and 7 off.. When he is not in Morenci.. he is working on the Ranch and helping Clint and Gail move back into there new home.. I am still working for HMS and have my mom living with us for now.. Its been a hard but good trial for my family..

Brandon and Rosa: They are currently living in Morenci.. Rosa is working at the mine and Brandon Substitute teaches.. They just recently lost there oldest boy (which is a dog) Angus.. They have been happily married for 3 years

Kevin and Brianne: They have been married for 5 years. They have two kids, Chancey who is 3 and Corryn who is 1.. They are adorable as can be and also awnry.. They live in Pima and Brianne is a wonderful stay at home mom and Kevin works for Chase Tractors.. They always stay busy especially with there two little ones

Bryce and Jaci: They have been married for 4 years and are now living in Mesa Az.. They have two BEAUTIFUL daughters, Braeli who will be 3 and Paizly who just turned 1.. They are so adorable and sad that they dont live as close anymore. Bryce is going to Linemen school and Jaci is a wonderful stay at home mom.. They stay pretty busy with everything that is going on..

Brady: He has been home from is mission exactly one year and is now attending college at Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher. He is in the Student Council there and is studying to be a Chemical Engineer just like his siter in law Rosa.. he is 22 and loving his college life

Bryndee: She is 20 and still at EA with Brady.. She will finish up with her generals in December and prepare to go on a mission for our church.. She is doing great and ready to get out of thatcher for awhile.. She is studying to be a Ultrasound Technican..

Brennink and Brigham: The twins will be 18 soon and are Seniors in High school.. they are staying really busy with school and Football.. they have a really good team and are doing really well... They are excited and ready to graduate already..

Well that about sums it up.. Sorry it has been awhile.. But im so Blessed to have such a wonderful and big family.. I love them all more then anything and wouldnt ask for anything more...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eventful week..

For labor day weekend me and my roommates and 2 other friends went of the Cat Walk in Glen Wood NM it was so fun.. the weather was perfect for hiking 3 miles up the mountain.. it was nice and cool sprinkled a little.. but the water was freezing.. then after that we went to eat cuz we were all terribly starving and i kid you not it took exactly an hr to get our food.. it was the pits.. and not once did they come and refill our drinks it was the worse place in the world and they deffinately did not get a tip.. but other then that we all had a blast.. Sherry fell off a rock and scraped and bruised her knee.. kensie walked up to the waterfall and hurt her ankle.. and Kerry and Kasey both got sick when we got home.. i was the only one that didnt have anything wrong.. which i Extra Surprsing..
The other day Brianne was getting ready to take Chancey to the babysitters.. so she put him in his car seat and shut the door. but she didnt buckle him and she had to run inside real fast to get something.. when she got back to the car she went to open the door.. and the doors were locked.. so of course as a mother and her child is locked in the car and he has the spare keys she is going to panic... he kept pressing the lock button but not once did he press the unlock button.. so she called kevin at work and asked him to come help so he did but it took him awhile to get there cuz he works in town.. and in between the time he was getting there and brianne was panicing.. chancey had sat on the consel and fell backwards and his legs were above his head and couldnt move and he cried and cried for about 15 mins before they got the door unlocked..

Our little COWBOY

Chancey is that the stage where he thinks he can do stuff that we can.. which sometimes he can but most of the time it just turns out to be a huge disaster... he tries so hard to be like his dad which sometimes can be a horrible thing... he loves wearing his cowboy hat and watching his dad rope..

60's BABY

You Belong in 1965

You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Bryce William Payne just turned 24... He is growing up to be such a big boy... He is a great Dad to his pretty little princess and him and jaci are perfect together.. he is prolly the hardest worker in our family excluding dad of course.. he has many great hobbies roping is his newest one.. he is a great brother and son and we just wanted to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY even though its a day late

Saturday, July 26, 2008


My one and only sister is turning 26!!! WOOHOO!!!! She sure doesnt act like it.. but she really is.. Brianne is a GREAT mom and her son loves her to DEATH they are each others BEST FRIENDS!!! now she gets to start going back to work the day before her BIRTHDAY!!! YOUR the best BRIANNE!!! we all love you sorry we couldnt be here again to celebrate your Birthday!!

Ps. im posting this now cuz we will be on vacation but her birthday is on the 29th!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This picture is a tad bit old like MAY but prolly the best one from GRADUATION

Our little RED HEADED boy just turned 20 years old.. he is doing so great and has had so so many baptisims its amazing at what MISSIONARIES can do..

This is Grandpa Paynes little COWGIRL!!

Chancey was trying to be like GRAMMY he even pushed them up his nose with his pointer finger